We've been getting more and more great feedback and reviews about our Live Performances, so we wanted to share them with you!

The majority of these reviews come from our MySpace Page .. others are via email.

Rocko's in Everett

This band brought people to their knees on the dance floor.

Greg even came out and danced with the crowd. His vocals are better than any "American Idol" contenders. You would NEVER want to be behind a T.V. set watching reruns of Bo-Bice singing "I'm your vehicle baby" when you could be watching Greg sing this!

Variety, Style, Personalties, but best of all GREAT musicians and vocalists that know there craft and get out there and "cast spells" on people.

The "mystique" of there performance led patrons to "breaking there curfews" and staying until "last call"

I was at Rocko's on friday and saw you guys for the first time and fell in love with you! I am sorry I couldn't make it back on saturday but I plan to see you at monahans

Your band is TOP-NOTCH! I WILL see your band again at an upcoming venue.
Keep Rocking!

Really liked the show on Saturday night at Rocko's! The play list was a good mix of things I haven't heard lately and things I have. I wasn't real impressed with Rocko's dance floor :) but you do what you can. Keep it up, I will definitly be out to see you all again, and thanks for entertaining!

I had soooo muuucchhh fun fri. nite. So, It looks like I'm telling everyone I know and my co-workers that I found the perfect band. I have started that already without saying anything. I had your page up at work and some of my co-workers came in and ask where did you get that music and well, you know the rest. Talkatchalater. Keep Rockin.

You all rock! My girlfriends and I love to come out and see you. You play great music and we can dance and sing to every song. Keep it coming! Remember HOTBOX (it's a band)

Eddie's Trackside in Monroe

Hey guy's, you frickin rocked last weekend at Eddie's!!! Thanks for a kick ass B-day.

Hey We Loved The Show last Weekend! You guy's kick Ass!! My Chick and I had a great time dancing. When will you be back? Let me know ..

HOTBOX! we loved the show this weekend at Eddie's Trackside! i hope you guys make it back soon let us know if you do!

Hey my friends and I are waiting for you to come back to Edies Trackside again......Do you have a date set up. Really enjoyed the music and the band and the way you got the place Rockin....Let me know. We will plan to come out with a few friends and party.

Hotbox really does rock!! I shouldn't be allowed to have that much fun. Great place, great people and great music. No wonder it was a full house. Thanks again!!!

You guys ROCKED the house at Eddie's on friday night. I've never seen so many people dancing there! Anyways, hopefully you guys are playing there again soon cause Michelle lives close and our crew will just crash at her place that night! PARTY!!!!!

Hey HOTBOX .. finally caught one of your gigs on Friday at Eddie's Trackside. Wow. Absolutely fantastic and we'll be sure to come out to your gig at Rocko's this weekend! Hope to see you back in Monroe soon! See ya Friday.. We are new fans ..

Wow!!!! What a night Friday! I've never seen Eddies so packed. We all had a blast and can't wait to see you back in Monroe. You all sounded so good and Deb you were on FIRE!!! I think I danced every song. Come back to our side of the tracks .. Eddie's Trackside was hopping!!!

Stewart's Place in Snohomish

You guys rocked the house at Stewarts. So glad I could have been there. Of all the songs from the 60's and 70's, your reportoire consists of some of the best from that era. It takes a lot to get me on the dance floor, but once I'm up, you can't get me to sit down. The bands energy has much to do with that. Thanks for everything!!!!

hey we had a great time at stwarts last weekend. you guys were awsome! we always enjoy coming out and watching you guys play

We all had a great time Saturday night at Stewarts!! Our friends and I want to see you again for sure, you put on a great show!! We'll try to come to the show in Monroe since its in our neck of the woods!

Hey caught you guys at stewarts and alls I got to say is that your band is like a fine wine. You guys are are better every time i see you. I grew up going to stewarts some 20 years ago, and I have never seen it as packed as it was when you played last weekend. Songs were great, Branden who is a punk rocker and 22 even liked it. Hopefully you've converted him to what real music sounds like. I will definately be seeing you guys in Seattle this coming Saturday at the Eagles.

Hey had a kick ass time at Stewart's Joint Saturday.All my friend's had a great time to. Let me know when you guy's get out this way again,I'll bring to crowd again.Good Times!!! Take it Easy.

You guys ROCK!!!! We always have a GREAT time at your shows. The music is FABULOUS....and we love to dance!!!! Keep on rockin!!!!


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